Saturday, January 28, 2012


January went by fast. It was the month for ideas. Ideas rained down on my head like confetti. I started many new works in progress, and it's high time to focus on one and get it polished. I'm in love with an erotic tale I started while longing for spring. I didn't expect to be writing erotica, but the muse makes these decisions, not me. *grin*

So, wish me luck. I'm headed for the slush pile in a few weeks!

Here's a little snippet from the draft:

Intent on banning Jake from her thoughts, she imagined what Kyle looked like naked. He filled out his cotton shirt and jeans in all the right places, and earlier he’d picked her up like she weighed nothing. He needed to be in control during sex, but hopefully he wouldn’t object to her exploring every inch of him.

“Now, that’s what I want to see,” he said.


“You’re wearing the smile of a woman with mischief on her mind.”

She lifted one shoulder in mock nonchalance. “I was just thinking about running my tongue over the body of a naked stranger by the light of a bonfire.”

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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